Escape Your 9-5

Are you tired of your daily grind, giving away your time to a boss, climbing a ladder to nowhwere, wondering ''Is this it?''

Do you dread Monday’s, celebrate Friday’s until Scary Sunday comes?

Do you feel a twitch that you have more to give and have a desire to improve your life and find your spark?!
You CAN have it all… sooner than you think.

Create your 9-5 exit plan and step into your true calling.

Life is too short!

STOP 'saving' your happiness, adventure and abundance for retirement, you can do it right NOW!

START living a life that actually makes you happy, and that you’ll look back on with pride and satisfaction.

The Great Escape program will help you do that.

This program is for you if you're:

  • Stuck in corporate, desperately googling work from home jobs or how to start a business while getting more frustrated every day. 
  • Feeling like you’re living the same day, every day, year after year, not living the life that should have been yours.
  • Worrying about how you’d make money by doing what you want,
  • Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of what people will say,
  • Lost & overwhelmed, searching for answers or someone to tell you what the hell to do!

You're longing for that life, the one where you live with joy, doing what you love, making your own money, setting your own schedule, being in charge of your own damn life!

I'm Ready, Sign me up!

What you get from this program:

  • Complete Clarity about your vision and goal,
  • Full support and guidance from me and the members (VIP only!)
  • Map out your exit plan from the 9-5,
  • Step-by-step roadmap to monetize your true calling with flow,
  • Shift from chaos, overwhelm and distractions to ease,
  • Know your strengths and values to leverage in your future,
  • Shake hands with your fears and use them to GROW,
  • Design your dream life exactly how you want it,
  • Silence that little critical voice in your head that blocks you,
  • Gain an unstoppable confidence that makes your friends envy you,
  • Feel happier, healthier and finally enjoying your life.

I've been there:
Climbing the corporate ladder assuming it's what I'm supposed to do. I’ve felt unfulfilled, suffered from imposter syndrome, had stress-related health issues and finally I QUIT.
Using a solid EXIT plan I moved through fear, doubt and overwhelm to find my purpose and my own path to freedom.
You're not alone. You are unique and deserve unique support. You'll stand out and be the best version of yourself.
That's why I created this roadmap. You'll follow the easy steps I took to escape my job and it won't take you years to figure out your path.

Turn your passion into income. Your escape plan to get 100% CLEAR on yourself, your skills, your future career so that you can wake up in a GOOD mood, and transition smoothly into a new life, feeling GREAT every day!

Success stories:

Rachel, this has been the best investment I have made in my life and in my career. I am now confident about having the best of both worlds my life/my family and a thriving career. The journey you have taken me through and held my hand every step of the way does not end has just begun. The knowledge, the experience, and the practical steps I need to take every single day will carry me through and help me succeed in my career for the next several years. Thank you for everything...I miss you already! - Caroline Wacheke

Rachel is very perceptive and effective. She has helped me focus in my strengths, and also in the key areas of my professional life with confidence. Her confidence and energy are contagious. I highly recommend her to professionals who wish to perform better and to feel better at both their work and personal lives. I am very glad I found Rachel at the right time. - Ruth Kobus

Rachel is amazing! She has helped me to realize things about myself and gave me the tools to improve in many areas. I truly believe her compassion and direct nature are helping to bring out the best in me! - T. Clark

I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Rachel. She's an expert in self-confidence and clarity. If you are looking for guidance, her program is perfect to help you be your own successful boss!
- K. Gibson

Are you ready to start the journey to create the simple, joyous life you want? Then hop on and get ready for an amazing journey!

"Dreams come true, that's what they do. 

The only variable is when.”

7 Modules

The Intro

Introduction, because you want to know what this is all about and what exactly you need to do.

You will receive a nice overview right here!


Having a CLEAR is the start of your future.
You will make every further step crystal clear once you have a goal.

Get rid of the fears

Get rid of those fears, and even better, learn how to deal with them whenever they hit you, because (full disclosure here!), they will!

Modules for this product 7
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